Top 8 Legal Street Electric Motorcycle -

Top 8 Legal Street Electric Motorcycle

street legal electric motorcycle

The world is now moving to electric vehicles as they offer numerous benefits. The automobile companies are now coming up with new and amazing models in electric vehicles allowing the customers to enjoy cost-effective and comfortable rides. If you are also willing to save money in the long run, you can also invest in a street legal electric motorcycle. Some of the best ones are as follows.

Vespa Elettrica – A Street Legal Electric Motorcycle

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This is the first electric scooter of the Vespa Company which has a fantastic look. You can ride without any effort and quickly charge it making your ride easy and shorter. Its battery capacity is 3.95KWh, ranges 62 miles as per your usage. The top speed is 32 mph that can easily turn your normal speed into a moderate speed. This scooter is great for urban people.

Honda PCX Electric

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Honda PCX ELECTRIC bike offers a high level of comfort, control, and mobility. It is equipped with an eco-friendly power unit and has a sleek design. It is mostly used in bike-sharing and rental sectors. Its top speed is 59.7mph, battery capacity is 4.2 kWh, weight is 317.5lbs, and range up to 25.5 miles as per usage.


LitoSora is a designer e-motorbike. This is the first electric cruiser in the world that is equipped with advanced features such as touchscreen control, adjustable seating, and keycard ignition. Its weight is 573lbs, battery capacity is 12kWh, ranges for 120 miles as per your usage, and top speed is 120mph.

Lightning LS-218

Lightning LS-218 is the fastest street legal electric motorcycle in the world. It is able to cover 0 to 60 mph within 2.2 seconds and its maximum speed is 218mph. It is equipped with gas-guzzling counterparts. Its weight is 495 lbs, battery capacity is 380V, and range is 120 miles as per your usage.

Arc Vector

Arc Vector comes with attractive specs that give it a futuristic design. It can go from 0 to 60 mph within 3 seconds and also can run up to 270 miles just in a single charge. Its top speed is 125 miles per hour, battery capacity is 16.8kWh, and weight is 485 lbs.

Tacita T-Race Diabolika

This is a flashy electric motorcycle that is Italy based. It is featured with Kevlar and carbon reinforcement, a five-speed gearbox, and a gold-trimmed body that can attract anyone’s eye. Its battery capacity is 10.6 kWh, weight is 390 lbs, and its range is 100 miles.

Energica Ego – A Street Legal Electric Motorcycle

This is a powerful electric motorcycle. It is just like a powerhouse that is able to generate up to 136 hp and can also go 0 to 60mph within 3 seconds. It is mainly used by urban adults and it features a curvy aesthetic. It has a 150mph top speed and comes with Bluetooth connectivity. It can cover 93miles on a single charge.

GogoroSmarscooter S2 Adventure

This is a robust build street legal electric motorcycle. It is equipped with features like a powerful drivetrain, best ground clearance, and a specially designed suspension. It is always ready to go for any terrain. Protective front bars, an aluminum floor mat, side-panel racks, waterproof travel panniers, and protective front bars are the additional features.


The electric motorcycle is the future of bikes and scooters. They come with the best features in comparison to normal bikes. They are able to cover long distances within a short time and also offer fuel efficiency.

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