Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Honda Electric Motorcycle Instead of a New Motorcycle

A motorcycle parked on the side of a building

The Honda CB 125R is a relatively small displacement, short-stroke learner vehicle launching in 2021. It’s currently popular among new riders simply because of its ease of usage and relatively low horsepower rating compared to shorter, taller, more powerful motorcycles. Honda seems to be leveraging this platform to launch its very first electric bike, aiming at the gap filler niche between the current low-powered but still affordable electric bikes and the more powerful motorcycles on offer. But does it live up to expectations?

Two Power Sources

A motorcycle parked on the side

The Honda CB 125R electric bike comes with two power sources. One of them is a standard motorcycle engine with a parallel six-cylinder combustion engine, and a second one is an electric motor. The electric motor in the bike runs off of an accumulator. This accumulator charges the battery pack, feeding it electrical energy before it’s used. A system such as this can provide a steady, reliable source of power for a bike of any size and build.

Honda CB125R

A motorcycle parked on the side of a road

The Honda CB 125R has two design characteristics that set it apart from other electric motorcycles. One of these is the fact that it’s not a cross-country touring bike. Instead, it was designed for city usage and commuting. Since it doesn’t have an extensive range of destinations, this limits its application to limited conditions: tight turns, short trips, and flat-out sprints. The result is an absence of performance capabilities: the Honda CB125R can’t maintain speed over sustained surfaces.

Capable Of Covering A Long Distance

That said, the new electric motorcycles from Honda are capable of covering a long distance. The engineers at Honda recognized the need to create a large, powerful motor for this purpose, and they succeeded. A single triple-cylinder motor placed into the front of the bike is all you need to get over moderate hills. It can also handle uphill climbs thanks to some clever engineering and lightweight construction. The result is an incredible torque converter and suspension system that allow the Honda CB 125R to corner sharply and powerfully.

Car-Style Flanks

When looking at the new patent images of the Honda CB 125R, you will see for the first time the car-style flanks located on each side of the engine compartment. These flanks can be extended to cover the length of the back tire fully. This is great for urban commuting, where you won’t have to deal with sharp corners or bumps along the way. You can also use these flanks to increase your climbing prowess and increase your lateral agility. These are also great for getting a smooth ride over uneven or rocky terrains.

No Need To Compromise On Your Hard-Earned Money

If you purchase an electric bike, you won’t be compromising your hard-earned money. There are many dealers out there, but you will find that the best ones always have used Honda motorcycles for sale. Getting an electric bike is more than just plugging in an electric power source and riding away. You’ll need to take care of maintenance as well, and that’s something you can expect from any motorcycle. Honda makes maintenance guides for their bikes, and those guides are readily available through their website. These guides will help you understand your existing electric motorcycle’s inner workings and give you tips for improving your performance and efficiency.


Even though there are many great things about Honda’s electric motorcycles, there are a few downsides that we’ve found to be quite annoying. For one thing, the price of these units is a bit on the higher end. They are also not yet sold in all the major U.S. states, so you may have to look at the dealer’s charge for shipping. Also, these units can only hold so much weight, so if you plan on hauling a Honda motorcycle around with you everywhere you go, you might want to consider buying a portable power pack to keep it mobile.

Summing Up

Overall, if you’re looking at purchasing one of these motorcycles, you owe it to yourself to take a closer look at what Honda has to offer. They are selling fantastic quality machines that don’t break the bank, and they are also selling them at extremely affordable prices. So, if you like powerful motorcycles, new electric motorcycles from Honda are the way to go.

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