Top 3 Models of KTM Off-Road Bikes in 2020

Ktm Off Road Bike

If we want to know how the prominent company for race motorcycles has kept its name throughout the decades, we need to know a little bit of the history of the company. Trunkenpolz Motor Vehicles was founded in Austra by Hans Trunkenpolz in 1934 which would become KTM later.

When the business started to slump, in 1953 Ernst Kronrief had bought a large share of the company and rebranded it by naming it KTM or Kronrief & Trunkenpolz Mattighofen. Then this company went on to win several prizes. For instance, the first production 98 cc R100 obtained six gold medals in the Internation Six Days Race in 1956. And by the looks of it, the company has maintained its prestige till to this decade.

KTM Travel Lineup

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KTM travel family developed to cover both off-road and on-road bikes all in one adventurous and sporty package. It covers the range from the beginner level riders to the top-tiers of experienced riders. This lineup of KTM offers a variety of surface bias and engine sizes that’ll allow you to combine both of them to your requirements.

If you are launching yourself as a biker then the 390 Adventure and 690 Enduro R are both streets legal with bottom-tiers bikes and off-road bias, will be apt bikes for you. Then, there are 790 Adventure R rally, 790 Adventure R and 790 Adventure with mid-size, electronic Rider aids and 799 cc Powerplants to assist you handling the machinery.

The largest ones of the KTM Travel are the 1290 Adventure R and Adventure R with the displacement of 1,301 cc and the biggest engines. The “R” is for the rally-style biking while the “S” has the equipment for long-distance biking and handier for that kind of riding.

KTM SuperMoto

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KTM Supermoto has only one bike in its family which is a dirtbike named 690 SMC R with smooth double sports-tier to make a slick turn while riding. With 79-hp and 693 cc, the bike is appropriate for trick riding and SuperMoto racing.

The fly line is reigned by the long banana seat and the absence of the obvious fuel tank allow it to have a wider range for technical work. KTM SuperMoto has a well around electronics suite that lets you bring any personality you want from your ride.

KTM Sports Tourer

KTM’s Sports Tourer family has a single bike that offers Super Duke performance and handling with a partiality to long-distance biking. Through the protections of expanded rider, the bike’s priority is comfort. The stock panniers in KTM Sports Tourer help with running errands and provide cargo function to go on weekend trips.

As the title “sports touring” suggests, the 1290 Super Duke GT is the carrier of 1,01 cc displacement in a quintessentially sports package. There’s also space for a tank bag for your weekend trip on the pillion perch between the panniers. You can also have relatively safe touring with a wide range of full Rider Aids.


In the end, it is quite clear that the company that participated in the 5th Gaisberg Competition and took the first three places in 1953 and won Austrian 125 national championship in the year 1954, has prevailed its brand name still in 2020.

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