Tips For Organizing Adventure Travel -

Tips For Organizing Adventure Travel

Tips For Organizing Adventure Travel

You want your next trip to be different, adventure travel, and discover every detail of the chosen destination. The world is here to explore and live it. There are as many adventure trips as there are people in the world. There are to discover past civilizations, to enter the wildest nature, or to integrate into the daily life of the inhabitants of the place and experience the feeling of living in that part of the world. Whatever your travel style, our local agents will advise you to choose the best destination and itinerary to have the best adventure vacations.

Tips For Organizing Adventure Travel
Tips For Organizing Adventure Travel

Where To Take An Adventure Travel?

An adventure can be lived in many different ways. There are travelers looking for strong emotions and extreme activities, and other romantic travelers who want to discover all the secrets of the ancient world. From Evaneos we offer you the best adventure destinations, which you can customize and adapt to your liking with the specialized local agents.

The Best Adventure Travel

These destinations will not leave indifferent any traveler, since they combine several activities on the same trip, from sports activities to cultural routes.

  • Burma: you will want to discover all the curiosities of this pearl of Southeast Asia. Visiting the archaeological sites that contain ancient pagodas and temples, learning from the artisanal traditions of the inhabitants of Lake Inle or ascending to the Buddhist monastery on the top of the Monte Popa volcano are just some of the experiences that await you.
  • Senegal: traveling to Africa is always an adventure, but this destination has something special. You will not forget the story behind the Slave House and its ‘point of no return’. And the rare experiences such as bathing and floating in Lake Rosa or strolling through a forest of huge baobabs.
  • Japan: the country of the past and the future. Tokyo is a vibrant city from which you will be inspired by its lights. While in Kyoto you will feel peace in its gardens surrounded by cherry trees and lakes. You can immerse yourself in the true Japanese culture by attending a tea ritual or strolling through its traditional markets.

Family Trip for adventure

  • Tunisia: Interestingly, the Mediterranean has historically been a route for merchants and explorers. As a result, giving rise to different civilizations, it rose to greatness. In Tunisia, you can find some of the best-preserved Roman ruins in the world and underground Berber troglodyte houses. You will also live great adventures touring the mountain oases of Chebika and Tamerza.
  • India: a combined journey to discover the most impressive of northern India – the famous Durable Triangle. And also to discover the Kathmandu valley in Nepal. An adventure to the exciting and varied Indian culture, visiting its palaces and monuments. For example:- the emblematic Taj Mahal and Palace of the Winds. However, you will discover the most spiritual side of the country by navigating the Ganges River. Moreover, in front of the Buddha statue in Nepal.
Tips For Organizing Adventure Travel
Tips For Organizing Adventure Travel

In the end, if you want to make an adventure trip with children, a highly recommended destination is the Philippines. You can enter the nature of this exotic country, and combine water activities such as sailing through sea caves or snorkeling on the coast, with relaxing on its paradisiacal beaches, which you can reach by changing from one island to another every day.

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