The Rise Of Funny Car Racing -

The Rise Of Funny Car Racing

funny car racing

The U.S. Air Force is now teaming up with Kenny Bernstein Racing to explore the possibilities of funny car racing. According to an announcement by the team, the new partnership will utilize “the power and performance capabilities of two legendary manufacturers of high-performance, durable vehicles to revolutionize the sport of auto racing.” It is a bold move by the Air Force into the highly competitive field of motor sports.

Know About The New Partnership

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The new partnership will use the proven technology of two companies to design, manufacture and deliver military-style drag racing cars. These drag racing cars will feature a nitro-methane engine and a lightweight aluminum body. These futuristic dragsters are designed for maximum speed and agility and will be ideal for the RC’ers of today and for the future. According to the team, this new venture is part of the Air Force Association’s new Science and Technology initiative that seeks to apply scientific principles to a wide range of domains, including entertainment, sports and communications. The association plans to expand its research to include funny car racing.

This is not the first time that the Air Force has entered this world championship category. Back in 2021, it entered Toyota with an RC-style sports car. The result was an extreme disaster, as the company was unable to gain an official entry into the Toyota World Championship. The team was absorbed by another firm, and now it is the lead sponsor of a new Funny Car racing team called the Nitro Cars. This time around the project has gotten a lot further along and is taking it to the Toyota World Championship.

If this project gets off the ground, it will be joining forces with some of the most famous names in supercharged racers. Chris Manes, the former Super Charger champion, is now the president of the company that will be manufacturing and racing the Funny Cars. Dan Wilson, the current champion driver for a variety of teams, is now also involved.

The Relationship Between These Two Heavy Hitters

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The relationship between these two heavy hitters comes from their long history together as a racing team. Manes and Wilson started out as partners in a company that made supercharger kits. Their goal was to create high performance cars that could go head to head with the other vehicles on the track. They soon found that they had much more in common than driving funny cars. A deal was eventually made with Toyota to use their dragster technology in building the nitro cars, and this led to the formation of the nitro group that is now known as Nitro Cars.

Last Words

Funny Cars are not the only kind of racing that has gained the interest of the American public over the past few decades. Street racing and street surfacing have also gained fans. Both of these events feature vehicles that have high speeds and amazing designs, making them very popular among the youth. Whether you’re a fan of Funny Cars or street racing, there is no denying that both of these kinds of racing are extremely entertaining and exciting!

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