Strider Bike Racing Tips And Tricks You May Want To Follow -

Strider Bike Racing Tips And Tricks You May Want To Follow

strider bike racing

Strider bike racing is a prevalent thing among kids who do strider riding. It is not just a fun activity but also offers many physical, behavioral, and mental benefits for the children. Strider bike racing should be encouraged by parents. Strider bike racing also motivates other children to try out strider biking, which will eventually help them in various ways.

What is a Strider Bike

A person riding on the back of a bicycle

Strider bikes are balance bikes meant for children of an age group of 18 months to 6 years. A strider bike does not have a foot pedal, chain, gears, steering gear, or any other part for cycling the bike. Rather a child is required to use legs to accelerate the bike and then balance the same. Strider bike has the primary purpose of teaching balancing skills to the rider. In traditional bicycle, children often lose out on balancing skills because of the convenience of peddles. Strider bikes are meant for early physical skills development in children.

Benefits of Strider Bike Racing

A man flying through the air while riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

When a child rides a strider bike, he or she must accelerate the bike using legs and then lift the legs to balance when riding. This helps in increasing the physical strength of the child. It also dramatically enhances the motor coordination and balance skills of the child. Strider bike racing puts all of these skills into a competitive mode and makes a child utilize them to their full capacity. Even if not for fair competition, casual strider bike racing is beneficial for kids in various ways.

The Motive Of Strider Bike Racing

Strider bike racing provides a platform for young children to showcase their skills. It has various benefits and is therefore widely popular within communities. Strider bike racing helps in developing a competitive spirit among young kids. It also helps in developing a positive sportsman spirit in the children. Moreover, it helps the children connect with other children who are also strider riders. Strider bike racing also encourages other children to develop an interest in the activity of strider biking. It also helps in spreading awareness of how beneficial the activity of riding a balance bike is.

While the motive for this bike racing could be to show the skills, it is important to understand that safety comes first especially when children are involved in something. Regardless of how adventurous it could be to carry out this raised without the right equipment, it could also be equally dangerous. As guardians and adults, it is your responsibility to make sure that their safety is considered first.


Strider bike racing is a community-driven initiative. These are conducted all over the world by different communities. These are also conducted at various levels. There is also a strider bike racing World championship. Parents should encourage their children to participate in strider bike racing because it offers multiple benefits. Moreover, encouraging children to ride a strider bike in the first place is a positive step for their growth and development. One can easily find strider bike racing events being conducted in close vicinity from the right contacts. One can also register for strider bike racing competitions online.

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