Some Of The Best Cruiser Electric Motorcycle To Get In 2020

Cruiser Electric Motorcycle

The electric motorcycle sector has become well known and patronised in recent years. More brands are embracing the idea of manufacturing electric motorcycles, and rightly so. There are now arrays of options to choose from, and this may leave consumers confused. How do you ensure you’re getting one of the best? We hereby discuss some of the best cruiser electric motorcycle to get in 2020; delivering outstanding speed with performance.

Do note, however, that riding an electric motorcycle requires you to have the necessary license. Just like other means of transportation, there are risks you get exposed to while driving. So, below are some of the best cruiser electric motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire

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It took a long time, but the unveiling of LiveWire made it worth the wait. The sleek skin houses a 15.5 kWh battery, powering the motorcycle for 146 miles of range on a single charge. The speed also is outstanding, going from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds; having an incredible 95mph as its top speed. It weighs 549 lbs, pretty good weight for a motorcycle of that quality.

Zero SR

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Zero SR is the ideal transition from cars to electric motorcycles. It weighs just 414 lbs, with the strong build it packs. It combines sleekness with effectiveness. The speed is again incredible, reaching a top speed of 102mph. With a battery of 14.4 kWh capacity for the base model, Zero SR can go 179 miles on a single charge. The premium model packs much more power. It has everything you’ll want in an electric motorcycle.

Energica Ego

If power is your priority in an electric motorcycle, then the Ego is for you. It has a battery with 13.4 kWh capacity which powers up almost as soon as you put it on. It can generate up to 136hp in three seconds, hitting 60 mph in the same time frame. It reaches an incredible top speed of 149mph.

The range of miles that can be reached per single charge is less, reaching just 93 miles. Especially made for urban life, it features Bluetooth connectivity and a pleasing curvy aesthetic. The Ego also weighs an impressive 585 lbs.

Johammer J1.200

The J1.200 comes with an amazing design, one that looks like it’s out of movies. It implements the innovative energy technology to deliver effectiveness, with the pleasing aesthetics. Though the battery has a 12.7 kWh capacity, you can go 124 miles on a single charge. The rear view mirrors display high resolution colours. The J1.200 also comes light, weighing just 390 lbs.


The best electric motorcycles offer speed and performance among others. The market is however saturated, that it may get hard to pick one. We therefore discuss some of the best cruiser electric motorcycle to get in 2020.

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