Reasons To Use Specialized Diverge For Your Bike

Specialized Diverge

The Specialized Diverge has been a big hit since its inception over thirty years ago. But as with any new innovation, there are always new questions raised.

As the company continues to grow and diversify, many of the questions asked of this tire have remained the same, but they’ve become more complicated with the rise of the new technology. So we’re not going to get into all of them here. Instead, we’ll focus on just a few that seem to crop up time and again, which need to be answered.

Specialized Diverge Range
Specialized Diverge Range

Better Grip

First of all, tires can have better grip in some conditions than others. And with so many different types of surface conditions, you can ask yourself, “What’s the best tire for wet conditions”? And “What’s the best tire for sand?”

In fact, this is a question you should have up front, and it’s not a bad idea to ask your tire service guy. If you have to go to him, you know the answers are already there, and he can help point them out for you. On the other hand, if you don’t know the answers, he can probably give you a couple of suggestions based on his experiences.

Tires With Deeper Treads

When you’re looking at tires, you should also think about treads. Tires with deeper treads mean more traction, and a thicker rubber means that it can absorb more shock. If you want a tire that’s better for mud, you might consider a tire with deeper tread, but if you want to be more like a mountain bike, then you’ll want to choose a tire with a lot of cushion.

The tread of a tire also affects the rolling resistance. A wider tire with deeper treads will provide more rolling resistance, so when you compare a tire with a Specialized Diverge with a similar profile, you’ll see a difference. So it’s important to compare.

And then there’s the question of tread compound and what kinds of compounds can you use on your new tire. A new tire should not contain any sort of additives, such as latex or other substances.

While these two things can make a difference on a specific tire, they shouldn’t cause a problem on any other tire. If you’re buying a Specialized Diverge because it’s “all terrain,” you should use a tire with a low level of cushion and no additives.

Tire For Dirt Bike

But if you’re buying a tire because you need a tire for your dirt bike, or even just an off road tire, you should think about buying a tire that contains chemicals. Tires with chemicals are used to absorb shock when the road gets rough. They give your wheels a little bit of cushion and protect them from getting damaged, which allows you to move at a higher speed in tougher terrain.

Variety Of Tires

Tires with chemicals come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and brands. And there’s nothing wrong with using any of them. If you need them, but if you want to save money and buy the most of your riding time on a tire that won’t take you out of your comfort zone. So you might try to find a tire with just a little bit of both.

It’s also a good idea to check the sidewalls of your tires. If there is some sort of damage, or if the inside of the tire has been bent, or the sidewall seems to be coming loose, then it might be time to get a new tire. These can be very expensive, but they’re not usually covered under warranty. Plus, it could mean that the tire’s too old, meaning that it won’t last very long.

To find out if you’re getting the best traction, you should try to roll the tire. Roll it on both sides, and look at how well the tread sits on your wheel. You should roll on both sides until you can’t move it anymore. You can do this several times, depending on the type of tire and the conditions you’re riding in.

Specialized Diverge Tips
Specialized Diverge Tips

When you roll it on, you’ll see the tread line should be in a straight line across your rim. And the inner sidewall should be on the center of the tread. This means that you’re getting the best traction possible.

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