Off Road Drive: Five Key Destinations I Amzing Products

Off Road Drive: Five Key Destinations

Five Key Destinations To Do Off-Road Drive Desert Near Lima

If this is the first time that you will go out to do off-road drive desert, first take a 4×4 driving course to avoid accidents and damage your vehicle

Many users have vehicles that offer excellent performance in all terrain. This is the perfect excuse to plan a weekend getaway and be able to take advantage of all the features of its 4×4 and the performance they provide on uneven terrain.

These are some of the key places to do ‘off-road drive desert’.

Dunes Of San Bartolo: 

It is the closest and most popular dune site, entering through the Quebrada de Cruz de Hueso. There are dunes of all levels and thousands of tracks to follow. Good place to start and train.

The Dunes Of Sarapampa: 

Entering the Km 107 of the South Pan American trail you reach the dunes of Sarapampa. These have a total distance of 35 km. It has plenty of space and dunes of all kinds ideal to start in 4×4 driving or to do national championship races. This place is ideal for all tastes and levels of management in an off-road drive desert.

Windward / Palovento: 

Between Pisco and Ica (height KM 255 of the Pan-American South), Barlovento is a journey across the desert along with a well-marked footprint. You must have a GPS to avoid getting lost at night, it is 60 km to the beach and from there you can go south towards Lomitas and Puerto Mackerels or return to Paracas by taking a north heading traveling close to the sea.

Dunes of Pasamayo. 

The Tube is an incredible sand formation at the height of Pasamayo very close to Ancon and is suitable for an off-road drive desert. A route of much sand that takes us to know this wonder in the form of half a tube with walls 150 meters high that has been for years the center of the meeting of people off-road. It requires experience in dunes and has a somewhat more demanding level.

Orcón Canyon: 

The entrance to the Orcón Canyon is on the Carretera a Canta. Between the limit of Trapiche with Huaral are the sinkholes of an abandoned mine for an extension of 100 meters. Finally, you will reach the canyon, which is formed by a huayno that generated the El Niño phenomenon in 1983. A 100% off-road route with a lot of history. It requires great care for the edges and ravines, as well as concentration when passing through the rocks.

Here are some products that will be of a lot of help to you in your off-road drive desert:

Wash Mitt Car Cleaning Glove

Product Description:

It usually happens when you are traveling in the desert areas the dust sticks to your car and the car tends to get very dirty. This hand glove can easily keep your car decently clean while traveling. The dust sometimes sticks to the mirrors and glasses of the car which makes it difficult to see. This glove solves that problem too and you will not be blinded by the dust.


The product is made of artificial wool.

It is lightweight and weighs only 37gms.

The glove is easy to carry and wear whenever necessary.

This cleaning glove is soft and comfortable to wear and helps remove all the dirt from your car.

This cleaning glove is easy to wash and carry with you in your car. The glove cleans up your car in minutes and your car will not look dirty.

Portable Car Washer Cleaning Equipment

Product Description:

This device is getting popular day by day and people are buying because not only is it handy but also essential in a car kit. This washer cleaning equipment helps to clean your car properly without much hassle and effort. This can be done quickly especially when you are traveling through rough terrains where the cars tend to get dirty fast.


It is portable, small in size and can easily be carried anywhere.

It has a weight of 4kgs.

The automobile Auxilary power is its main source of power so you can use it anywhere and everywhere even if you do not have electricity.

It has a huge water capacity so you will not have to keep refilling it to wash your car.

This washing equipment is mainly used for cars but it can be easily be used to wash other vehicles. Other than that the equipment can be used for other purposes such as watering the plants, washing the windows of the house and many such activities.

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