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Ktm Bike Racing Strategies You Might Want To Follow To Win The Race

ktm bike racing

Every bike racing enthusiast wants to master the skill of being in complete control of your bike and ace through those corners one after another. There are very basic mistakes that the riders commit, making them slow and left behind in the race. To improve your ktm bike racing skills, you need to start taking steps in the right direction with few basic techniques. Here are few handy bike racing techniques that will make you smoother, safer, in some cases faster, and a better rider.

KTM Bike Racing Strategies

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Look and scan far ahead

While being on your bike, don’t just look a few meters ahead of your bike’s front wheel but look reasonably far ahead. Scan and look where you wish to place your bike and continue this process constantly in tune with the speed of your bike. It is an incredibly effective ktm bike racing technique because your body tends to follow the direction of your eyes that in turn will help place the bike where you are looking. Especially around the corners, applying this strategy will make it easier to negotiate a corner and make you much faster.

Stay easy and flexible

While being on a bike, you need to move your weight around it without doing any jerky movements. Without unsettling the bike, you can smoothly transfer your weight from side to side by keeping your hands as stress-free and light as possible. Stiffening your shoulders or locking your elbows won’t do good. So, try to keep yourself loose and light at the handlebars, concentrate on smoothening of your body movements as you shift your body weight while moving around corner.

KTM Bike Racing – Practice foot positioning on the bike

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By practicing foot positioning on the bike, you’ll be able to easily lift yourself in order to move from side to side without being unbalanced. This will help to smoothly transfer weight on a bike. However, you shouldn’t use the handlebars for weight transfer but instead the foot-pegs to leverage your legs to shift your weight.

KTM Bike Racing – Practice pushing the inner handlebar

While going around corners at medium to fast speeds, push the side of the handlebar where you are looking to turn the bike. This means if you are taking a right hander, push the right handlebar while leaning over and vice versa. This is because when you make the bike take a corner, the bike’s wheel tends to be turned very minutely in an opposite direction to the turn. So, this strategy will make you go around a bend faster.


There are many more advanced strategies that can help you go even faster and smoothly during ktm bike racing. However, those who are at a beginner to moderate riding skills level can become skilled riders by applying these strategies. Either way, you have to be extremely careful about going for racing and make sure to wear all the safety equipment to keep yourself safe in the process.

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