Getting Passed On The Mountain Bike Trail - Here Is All You Need To Know -

Getting Passed On The Mountain Bike Trail – Here Is All You Need To Know

mountain bike racing

Mountain bike racing is now the most popular competitive cycle sport, mainly held on rugged off-road terrain such as mountain peaks, deep valleys, and other rough surfaces. It is a very individual sport, which can be adopted by anyone. The Union Cycliste Internationale recognized the sport relatively late in 1990 when it first sanctioned the Tour de France in Durango, Colorado, as a replica of the Tour de France.

Mountain Bike Racing

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So what makes mountain bike racing so special? Well the first thing you will notice is that it’s incredibly cheap compared to other similar motor sport events. Unlike motor bike racing (racing on a normal motorbike) or cycle polo, in mountain bike racing you do not need a team of people to help you; you can climb up a steep slope solo. The support system is minimal.

Also unlike polo, mountain bike racing does not have any set term age limit, whereas polo and cycle racing has a fairly young and elder age group. For this reason, the participation level is very high for middle aged and older people. Since these races are generally held on challenging terrain, they provide an excellent opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones too.

Mountain Bike Trail Activities

There is also the opportunity to participate in time trial riding. Time trial riding is a very specialized form of racing which is also undertaken by those who are just starting out with road bikes. Usually the stages are short; often no more than 4 km in length and the riders will be doing a wide range of different uphill climbs in between. They will be testing out their climbing abilities before they race on real terrain.

Mountain bike racing can be undertaken by both experienced and beginners. The rough terrain allows the rider to get up close and personal with the obstacles which would otherwise be difficult to handle during a normal bike ride. For this reason the novice will usually be doing most of the actual riding and hence they will need to be in good condition to handle the rough terrain. Beginners will also find that these kinds of races provide them with the chance to gain valuable racing experience which they may then apply on future bike rides.

Flat Pedals And Gears For Racing

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Mountain Bike racing has much more than the standard flat pedals and gears. This sport can cater to all levels of cycling enthusiasts from the beginner to the highly experienced racer. The reason for the popularity of off-road cycling is that it provides the cyclist with an opportunity to show off their off-road cycling skills. Mountain biking is not just an alternative means of transportation; it also allows the cyclist to demonstrate their climbing and endurance abilities. Those who do not feel confident in off-road cycling may choose to do some indoor cycling, however this is not recommended as it offers very poor performance conditions and is usually not suited for mountain biking.

Many people are familiar with the concept of cross-country and dirt bike racing but have never taken the time to sample the endurance aspects of this style of riding. In short, enduro means short distance riding with a small group of riders. The term enduro was actually derived from the Japanese term “endum”, which translates as little wheel”. Enduro racing began in the United States in the 1970s with the birth of the company Harley Davidson. Today there are Enduro Association tracks in several locations around the US.


Xc Race is an extreme version of mountain bike racing that is both exciting and challenging. You will see everyone rides high-performance bikes and you’ll get passed down the trail as you work your way through the woods. The trails are groomed by professional riders and the course is designed for the most experienced riders only. You’ll see people doing what they do best, riding with and amongst other racers. If you love to test your mettle, then this is the racing for you!

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