Get To Know Midget Car Racing

Midget Car Racing

Midget racing cars ordinarily have a four-cylinder motor with 300 horsepower (220 kW)to 400 horsepower (300 kW) and weigh 900 pounds (410 kg). Midgets cars are 66 to 76 inches in size. Today’s midget vehicles are entirely furnished with roll cages.

 The Average Speed of Midget Racing Car

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Midget cars, which are created from souped-up dune buggies and use Volkswagen engines fundamentally, are fit for speeds up to 150 miles per hour. But, mostly that speed is refuted on the grounds because they often run on little tracks.

 The History Behind Midget Car Racing

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Midget Car racing got its beginning in 1933 at the Loyola High School Stadium in Los Angeles under the guidelines of the Midget Auto Racing Association (MARA) and immediately got steam in the West, inevitably turning out to be both a public and worldwide achievement. In the prior year, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK started participating in the game.

Main Participants In Early Ages Of Midget Car Racing

Midget Racing in the United States

   Early midget car races were hung on board tracks previously utilized for bike racing in the United States. After the construction of Gilmore stadium was completed, many stadiums were also constructed and used for Midget car racings. Angell Park Speedway in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin is another significant track in the United States working since the primary portion of the 20th century.

Midget Racing in Australia

      In the wake of spreading over the USA, the game Midget car races travelled around the world, first to Australia in 1934 at Melbourne’s Olympic Park on December 15. In Australia, Midget car racing got popularity with the first Australian Speedcar Championship being challenged in Melbourne in 1935, its ubiquity going through the country’s brilliant time of the 1950s and 1960s. Australian promoters Adelaide’s Kym Bonython who ran the Rowley Park Speedway, and Empire Speedways who ran the Brisbane Exhibition Ground and the renowned Sydney Showground Speedway, frequently imported drivers from the US, such as the famous Jimmy Davies. Promoters in Australia during this period regularly organized races charged as either a world speed car championship.

Earlier Midget Car Manufacturers 

  • Kurtis Craft (the 1930s – 1950s)
  • Solar (1944-46)

 Top Midget Car Racing Events

  • Astro Grand Prix (1969-1970)  was held in Astrodome, Houston, Texas
  • Belleville Midget Nationals was organized in Belleville, Kansas
  • Chili Bowl Tulsa Expo Center was organized in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Fireman Nationals was held in Angell Park Speedway, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
  • World 50-lap Classic – Western Springs Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand
  • New Zealand Midget Championship  was organized in New Zealand
  • Australian Speedcar Championship was organized in Australia
  • Australian Speedcar Grand Prix was organized in eastern Australia


     Midget Car Racing is becoming more popular day by day. International Tournaments are being arranged for it. So it’s an immense opportunity for the Youth to explore their talent in such Activities.

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