Furious Car Racing Game – For The Most Comprehensive Car Customization Experience

furious car racing

If you like aggressive games, then this game is definitely for you. If you’re looking for an enjoyable family friendly car game, then this is it. This game has been recommended by everyone on my Facebook friends list.

In the future, in a city called Los Angeles, there are three super gangs – the Ying-Yang, the crews led by Scar and Juice, and the crew of tag-style drivers called The Dogs. When you first start playing, you decide which gang you would like to join and then select your vehicle. You must protect the territory of your chosen gang from any rivals who might be out to take over your turf. Play as one of these crews or against them in a street fight with furious car racing.

Career Mode

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Drive your vehicle through the congested streets of a big city, destroying anything that stands in your way. There is no need to worry about running into any pedestrians or animals in this career mode.

The only hazards are the cars that are on your way to your location. There are also a few obstacles that you must avoid when racing through the city streets. The game is much more violent than the arcade version so be careful.

Time Trial Mode

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This enables you to try your hand at mastering the tricks in this furious car racing game. Try out the time trial, to see how fast you can get the car through a given stretch of city streets without breaking too much of anything.

This mode makes you go through the entire track from start to finish, so there’s a lot of track to track in order to master the trick.

Online Player Vs Player

Get into a heated online fight with another player who is equally skilled as you. The rules of the game are similar to the street games except for the vehicles that you use.

The rules of this online battle are simple; you have a certain amount of time to defeat the opponent and get to the finish line before they have enough time to do it again. If you are playing in versus playing mode, you are not allowed to damage your vehicle, only the other player’s.

Practice Time

This allows you to hone your skills and increase your combos as you work towards mastering the course. You can practice time after time to make sure that you can get the best possible result every time.

This also helps you improve your reaction time when you engage in real life street fights. With proper combo moves and special moves, you will have a good chance of beating your opponent.

Online Players

For some this is the only way they can actually learn how to take on and defeat their fellow gamers in online multiplayer games such as Xbox Live. The ability to use custom parts in order to transform their vehicles is one of the best features of Glu Games; something you cannot do if you are playing against people using the same version of the game online.

With the ability to change the performance of your car to better fit your style and compete with live opponents, you can get a full customization experience.


Glu Games provides an all in one experience that includes not just online play but a large collection of spectacular 3D Graphics featuring high definition. The game features over 300 vehicles to destroy and thousands of tracks to race on. Online players can choose from several different vehicle classes such as sports cars, hot rods, and trucks. Each vehicle has unique performance parts that help to make each one unique. In addition, players can use an optimized tuning kit to further enhance their cars’ performance and capabilities.

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