Famous Routes For A Bike Trip

Famous Routes For A Bike Trip

We have taken a lot of effort to bring to you these famous routes for a bike trip. Not only are these roads beautiful and fascinating but they are also very comfortable for a bike trip.

Route For Underground Railroad Bikes, USA / Canada

The Adventure Association has developed this route for a bike trip from Mobile, Alabama, to Owen Sound, Ontario, in honor of the bravery of slaves trying to achieve freedom and those who helped them. There are five segments, totaling 2,057 miles (3,310 kilometers). Along the way, there are several sites that highlight the historical significance of the route, from slave markets to museums dedicated to African-American history.

Southern Route, Chile

Mainly it is a gravel bike trip road maintained but unpaved more than 810 miles (1,300 kilometers) that go from Puerto Montt in central Chile, south through Caleta Yungay and to Villa O’Higgins in the north of Patagonia. There are several steps by ferry along the way. The route passes through wild and beautiful landscapes, including the national parks of Queulat and Cerro Castillo. Additionally, large expanses of native forests and huge ferns surround the hot spring area of ​​Puyuhuapi, near Queulat.

Munda Biddi Trail, Western Australia

In the Aboriginal language Noongar, Munda Biddi means “road through the forest.” This bike trip runs through miles of jarrah forest, which is what locals call eucalyptus trees. 

The 206 miles (332 kilometers) of the Mundaring Collie section opened in July 2004, and there are two extensions under construction that will take you to Albany. During the route, you may encounter forest natives such as wallaby, gray kangaroos or Brushtail possum.

Hanoi To Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

If you fancy a combination of bike and beach, Vietnam has both on a route of 746 miles (1,200 kilometers) that joins the two largest cities in the country. 

But, it is not a picnic. Moreover, the state of the roads varies considerably and there are natural obstacles such as the Hai Van Pass, the historical dividing point between North and South Vietnam.

Great Campagnolo Fund, Italy

This group route through the Dolomites in the Feltre area is done in honor of Tulio Campagnolo, inventor of the gearshift system with diverter. 

It takes place every year in mid-June when the mountain roads are free of snow. It climbs to more than 4,200 meters in 209 kilometers with four peaks in between.

So, here are some products you could put in use for your bike trip.

Bike Helmet With LED Lights

Product Description

Helmets should always be worn even if you are riding a motorcycle or a cycle. It keeps your head safe because the head is a sensitive part of the body.

However, the bike helmet with LED lights not only keeps your head safe but also helps in riding at night.

Famous Routes For A Bike Trip
Famous Routes For A Bike Trip


It is adjustable.

The helmet is easily rechargeable.

Additionally, the light helmet helps in easily riding a cycle at night time.

It comes with three light modes according to the intensity of light you wish to keep. As a result, the helmet is easy to wear and a feasible buy, but it is also stylish and looks really fancy when you put it on.

Motorbike Cover Outdoor Protector

Product Description

As much as it is fancy to show off your bike, it is also important to keep it in proper condition. Additionally, his is done when you put a shield on the bike and keep it safe during all weather be it summers, rainy or winters.

Famous Routes For A Bike Trip
Famous Routes For A Bike Trip


The cover comes in seven different sizes according to the size of your bike.

It is waterproof and dustproof.

The cover is durable and can survive the wear and tear of the use.

The cover comes with a bag so that it is protected.


Concluding the text, we can say these covers are large and can fit any motorcycle. Moreover, the covers are durable and can resist all weather conditions.

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