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Everything Worth Knowing About Super Bike Racing

Super Bike Racing

Today motorcycle manufacturers have found a great way of promoting their bikes by developing the bikes used in motorcycle racings. Super bike racing is one kind of racing from the road racing domain. Special International kind of event takes place for bike racing, which is known as the superbike world championship. The basic idea behind this is modifying production bikes. The manufacturers have a very common slogan ‘ Win on Sunday; sell on Monday”.

Super bike racing motorcycles are driven from standard production models. The models get some serious changes, but these changes are too restricted. Such frames can’t be changed, and the bike’s overall look should remain constant from each angle. There can only be some minor differences. The profile should remain like the original bike. The engine capacity for a bike must be somewhere between 850cc and 1200cc for V-twin engines, and for 4-cylinder, 4- stroke, it can be 750cc-1000cc.

Know More About Super Bike Racing

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The Superbike Worlds Championship was founded in 1988. It is regulated by a body known as Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme ( FIM). Over the years, it has gained popularity and has also become professional. Some of the legendary figures of super biking are:

Jonathan Rea

Carl Fogarty

Troy Bayliss

Fred Merkel

They all have done wonders in this field and achieved many championships.

Current Super Bike Manufacturers

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There are n numbers of superbike manufacturers; some of them are as follows:

Ducati: 888,1198,1098,916,998

Honda: ZXR750, ZX-7RR, ZX-10R

BMW: S1000RR

YamahaYZF-R7, YZF-R1

Aprilia: RSV 4

Suzuki: GSX-R1000


There are some specific norms which are to be followed, and some of them are mentioned below:

The superbike race is always happening on weekends, i.e., Sunday.

Competitors are allotted two days for warming up, learning the track, and qualifying.

Different classes are allotted different time slots for practicing.

On Saturday, there is one practice session, which is 40 min. To 1 hour and qualifying practice.

Qualifying practice will let you know the rider’s positions during the race.

Sunday is race day.

20 min. Warm-up session in the morning before the race.

Practice will start when the green light is visible at the end of the pit lane.

To qualify, a rider must achieve at least 107% of the time set by the fastest driver in that slot.

The race length is a maximum of 130km and a minimum of 95km.

The time duration of the final race is somewhere between 40-45 min.

The kind of race is announced before commencing the race by the directors.

Some Of The National Superbike Series

National superbike series varied largely on challenges and popularity. Some of the most common bike racing series are as follows:

British superbike championship

Motoamerica superbike championship

AII japan superbike championship

Nigeria super bike road race

Mopar Canadian superbike championship


The above mentioned super bike racing series is worth watching. Whenever you get a chance, go to these tournaments and watch them live.

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