DIY Electric Motorcycle – Tips for modifications -

DIY Electric Motorcycle – Tips for modifications

Diy Electric Motorcycle

If you are a passionate rider then you might love going on road trips on your bike. You can easily find electric bikes in the market but they are made in a standard design which might not suit your requirements. So, the best thing that you can do is look for some DIY Electric Motorcycle modification tips.

Below discussed are some tips that you can follow.


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Manufacturing companies install multipurpose and generic tires on the bike because they manufacture bikes for all. So, they don’t invest much in giving both comfort and good looks. If you want to modify your bike, you must consider replacing the normal tires with new ones as per your requirement. Tires improve the riding experience on different types of roads and enhance the motorbike’s looks as well.

DIY Electric Motorcycle Engine Guards Tips

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If you drive fast and often ride on the mountain areas, or go on long trips then you must protect your engine with engine guards. Engine guards are made up of steel to prevent any attack directly on the engine and protect your engine while spilling or crashing. It will save you money in the accident by preventing any damage or flame out that can lead to more repairs.


Indicators stick out on the side of the bike. Companies install the normal indicators that do not give a unique or attractive look to your bike. Most of the time, they may get damaged in the accident. So, when you go for DIY electric motorcycle modifications change the indicators and buy flush indicators. This will prevent the damage of indicators in the accident and enhance the look of your bike. More visible and brighter LED lights make your drive safe at the night.

Air Filter

Manufacturing companies install the standard air filters in the motorbikes. Air filters allow the engine to breathe while riding. It is necessary to maintain the engine’s performance. So, if you want to convert your bike into a racing bike or modify it for a long trip then upgrade the air filter as it will increase the air level and improve the engine’s performance.

DIY Electric Motorcycle Modification For Battery Tender

The battery is the main source that supplies current in different parts. They last for many years but if you do not ride your bike for many months or live at a place where most of the time it is winter season then your battery will be dead or last for only a few years. So, to avoid this issue either spend money to buy a new battery every few months or buy a battery tender as a battery charger that will help to maintain your battery and make it last for many years.

Install The Windshield

Companies neglect the windshield in the bikes because they think it is not necessary for all. Many people think that the glass of the helmet works as a windshield. A windshield should be installed on the handle of the bike. They cut the airflow that directly hits you and reduces the bike’s speed. So, whenever you DIY an electric motorcycle, install the windshield as it will also give a custom look.


Frequent riders should get certain modifications done to their bike so that they can enjoy their trip comfortably. There are many simple DIY tips discussed in the article that you can follow to update your bike.

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