Choosing The Right Bicycle Spokes And Wheel Hubs For Your Bike

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The peculiarities of racing bike wheels may be very different depending on your discipline, and if you’re not particularly adept of the market, it’s easy to see why: a professional cyclist who rides a road bike for instance is pretty much expected to encounter very different routes and surfaces than those that a racing cyclist must face, and therefore the wheels have to be… well… special. The basic material is of course aluminium, but there’s a lot more than that these days: composite material and composite wheel designs are getting so good that many top class cyclists in the peloton now use composite wheels rather than the conventional ones. But they don’t just rely on this – they go out and get the best, most aerodynamic composite wheels for their bikes. And this is where a custom made wheel differs from a readymade one. A custom made wheel is made specifically to suit the requirements of the rider. You can use composite or carbon fibre wheel design, but the material itself is what really determines how aerodynamic it is, how stable it is when riding, the stiffness and durability, etc.

Top Quality Of Wheels

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For racing bikes, the wheels are the most important part of the whole bike. Of course, the rest of the bike and its parts work together to ensure that you have optimal performance, but without top quality wheels you won’t stand a chance. In addition, the performance of your bike will be directly influenced by the wheels that you’re using. Although many experts believe that your choice of wheels greatly influences your performance, opinions differ on this. For most professional cyclists the decision as to which type of wheels to use comes down to trial and error. In any case, there are generally three types of racing bike wheels that you should choose from: composite, titanium and carbon fibre.

Composite road bike wheels are made from high-quality recycled plastic. They are extremely light in weight and have excellent heat insulation properties. Because they’re lightweight and because they are easy to replace, racing bikes with composite wheels usually require much less maintenance than other bike wheels.

Easy To Clean

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Another benefit of choosing racing bike wheels made from recycled plastics is that they’re incredibly easy to clean. Carbon fibre, on the other hand, is also lightweight and durable, but it’s more difficult to keep clean. Carbon fibre wheels don’t get hot so they don’t collect debris like carbon fiber does, but the cleaning process can be very time consuming and arduous. To clean carbon fibre, you need an expensive and specialised machine and in some cases you might need to bring your bike to the local garage for cleaning.


Titanium is probably the most popular racing bike wheel material for freestyle bikes. However, like carbon fibre, it’s very hard to keep clean and it’s expensive to repair titanium bike wheels. This means that titanium is better suited to racing bikes that don’t need a high amount of care and maintenance. Unfortunately, because of its strength, titanium can also be quite expensive. The good news is that titanium still looks good and it’s relatively easy to maintain.

For racing bike wheels made from aluminium, you have a few different options. If you want a hub that’s lightweight and offers excellent heat insulation, then you should definitely consider buying a hub that has a sealed design. These kinds of hubs are great for freestyle bikes, where you need a strong but lightweight hub to make your rides comfortable. Also, these kinds of hub designs are available with a clincher rim, which will help you get the maximum use out of your existing bicycle tire. Clincher rims are very good for coasting and braking, so they’ll allow you to maintain a fast speed over tight corners.

Last Words 

The final type of wheel that you can buy is a clincher rim. Clinchers fit over regular bicycle rims, but they have a stronger grip thanks to the fact that they’re made out of steel. Clinchers are especially good for those who ride on streets, since the steel bar that makes up a clincher rim doesn’t show up in dirt.

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