Best F1 Car Racing Tracks

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Are you a fan of formula 1 car racing? These tracks are specially designed and engineered to give maximum speed and efficiency while driving. Here are the best F1 car racing tracks you must know about:

Autodromo Nazionale Monza – Monza, Italy

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This racing track has been built since 1922. It is tough to decide the best racing track in the world. Some circuits are very difficult for sports, while some are plain gems. Monza’s history for Grand Prix racing is quite old. It has been hosting Grand Prix since very long. The racing track in Monza is still being used. The track navigates through the tricky Curva Parabolica and also via the dangerous Curve di Lesmo that provides viewers with lots of excitement to watch. The famous Tifosi, greatest fan of this sport, also loves watching races on this track. Monza is rightly at the top of the best F1 racing tracks.

Suzuka International Racing Course – Suzuka, Japan

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This racing track in Japan has a historic circuit that showcases a modern marvel of engineering. It was first made when Soichiro Honda clubbed with John ‘Hans’ Hugenholtz to build a modern racing track in Japan. The most enjoyable racing track has a few differences from its original structure. Drivers also love racing on this track. It has a unique figure 8 layout.

Spa-Francorchamps Belgium

This one is an automatic inclusion in the list because the track is quite challenging. It has twists, turns and many hills that make racing on it quite adrenaline-thumping. Spa-Francorchamps is one of the most dangerous and fastest racing tracks in F1. It has corners at 150+ mph that delights the racers and the viewers too. This track has also had some of the worst accidents because of its difficulty levels. The Masta Kink or the one-two corner-hairpin of the Raidillion and the Eau Rouge are quite thrilling.

Circuit Gilles De Villeneuve – Montreal Canada

This racing track is quite modern. It was built in 1978. This one is a simple and entertaining racing track. You might deem it to be boring, but it has given the world some very amazing races. The circuit has distinct walls and barriers that catch the drivers off guard. The notorious wall here is also nicknamed ‘Wall of the Champions’. 

Circuit De Monaco, Monaco

This racing track in Monaco is known as a street racing circuit. Although, safety is a big concern in these tracks, it still manages to run well because of its look. It offers a slow race, which is less exciting, but even the smallest miscalculation can hinder performances. 

These are some of the best F1 racing tracks in the world. Some have historical significance, while some are very exciting and adventurous. If you are a Formula 1 racing fan, you can begin by visiting these destinations to watch races to understand the sheer enigma and fun of watching a live race on these thrilling F1 racing tracks.

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