A Look at Some Types of Car Racing

A car driving on a race track

There are various types of car racing. Some types of car racing are classified according to their types like stock, touring, rallying, formula one, drag, stock racing and exotic. In the United States, there is something for everyone. You can have your choice from NASCAR, Truck racing, GT racing, etc. depending on your taste and type of thrill you want in your race.

Formula 1 Racing

A car driving on a road

For the novice or the young at heart, the most famous and loved types of car racing in the US is Formula 1 racing. Since its inception, there have been no let up in the competition. The high profile races attract millions of spectators and bettors who eagerly watch the races live or on television. Every race has something new to offer to the viewers. The cars, which are put into these races undergo several checks before they are allowed to race in the races. These cars have to be in good shape and must be light weight to make it easy to maneuver on the track.

 Stock Car Racing

A person driving a race car on a road

Another popular type of car racing is stock car racing. Many countries have their own version of stock car racing. The cars used are generally the same ones used in street racing competitions but on a smaller scale. The tires used for stock car racing are usually on very soft grounds to absorb the shock of the jump start. These tires are also usually treaded so that they can grip the track better.

Open wheel car racing first originated in France and Belgium and is still the most popular type today. It has its roots in the Automobile romances which were popular in Europe during the 1800s. Open wheel racing started out on tracks similar to those used in Formula races. They were often times dirt tracks and simple outskirts were used to help maintain speeds.

Drag racing car racing first originated in England and America and spread worldwide with the development of faster and more technologically advanced vehicles. There are many different types of drag cars. Some use high-performance tires while others use regular tires. All drag cars have wide tires to allow the driver to build up speed very quickly. Many of the modern day drag racing drivers use high-performance and customized parts to make their cars go even faster. Other drivers prefer to keep their car on a track throughout the event but use stock tires and engines.

All stock car races in most countries began on large tracks that were customized for the purpose of hosting a large race. As time passed and more people started to race on these tracks, they became more like mini Formula racing. Today, most Formula races take place on artificial surfaces. Most of the major races now take place on tracks that can hold a few hundred cars.

Monster Truck And Touring Car Racing

Monster truck and touring car racing are two other common types of car racing. Monster trucks are designed to race on rough terrain where they can go head to head with other large vehicles such as trucks or buses. Touring car rallies are similar to traditional road rally competitions. They attempt to beat the most other vehicles at the track. Although the drivers of these two types of car rallies do not use high-performance parts, they do use much of the same equipment. In fact, some of the same parts are used in many other types of car racing as well.

Bottom Line

The history of auto car racing can be traced back to the early nineteen-hundreds in the United States. It then became popular all over the world with the coming of larger and more powerful automobiles. Since then there have been serious attempts to develop auto car racing for use on natural tracks but until recently, these attempts have been unsuccessful. With new technology and the availability of better engines, auto car racing is making a comeback. Hopefully this will mean more exciting types of car race events over the next few years.

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