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A Guide to Girl Car Racing Games

girl car racing

Girls love car games of all kinds. From pony games to ATV games, girl’s parties are the perfect venue for indulging in these activities with your girl friends. Whether it is the latest movie release or the season’s favorite song, girls love to have everything they can get their hands on, and car games are right up there at the top of the list!

One of the most exciting aspects of girl car racing is the fact that girls can be behind the wheel as well as participate in the whole game! It is not surprising at all that girl car racers are also quite popular at girl parties. If you want to whet your appetite for the game, here are some tips for girl car racing:

Organize A Theme Party

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Set up a racing theme complete with costumes, lights and cars and have the girls dress as their favorite characters from TV and movies such as: Barbie, Bob the Builder, Hello Kitty, NASCAR driver, fairy, princess, superhero, and more. Make sure that each child has her own set of accessories. Decorate the room with potted plants in the colors she would prefer. Use red and pink streamers for the walls. For a fun touch, decorate the room with stickers and balloons that depict the various cars the girls are racing with.

o Purchase Racing T-Shirts for the Girls: There are many stores, both online and offline, that sell girl car racing t-shirts. There are also stores that specifically sell girl car racing apparel and parts. You can either order online or buy the girl racers’ clothes and accessories from them. Many of these clothes are designed specifically for girls’ bodies so there will be no disappointment if your girl happens to outgrow her racers.

Create A Roster

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Plan out who will be in each group and who will be racing against each other. Choose racers who look alike (you wouldn’t want Mickey Mouse among your girl racers, would you?) and have them come in at the same time in different colors. You should also create separate races for each. Have the girl racers wear racers in the same color group or different ones.

To Race the Cars: Girl racers can race with two to four cars at the same time. You may choose to have the kids start at the back, while the guys start at the front. This allows them to be evenly matched when it comes to speed. Girls can also race against each other in head to head races. Girl car games can be very intense and fun when you play with the right accessories.

Girl Car Games

Most girl racers have their own favorite cars that they will race with. You should have all of these cars available when the girl racers are starting a race. You can use cardboard and cutouts to create the designs and the background for the racing scene. You can have the girl racers stand in the middle of the road as they race to the finish line or they can be placed on top of a roller coaster or go through an obstacle course.

Bottom Lines

o Girl Car Racing Games: Older girls might be good at playing the games without the added action. However, younger girls might not be able to keep up without the excitement of racing their cars. When you are choosing the race, make sure you tell the girl racers that they are in the “win” position, but they can still win the “place” and the “cash” prizes. This encourages them to participate in all the races.

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