Off Road Vehicles: 3 Driving Tips -

Off Road Vehicles: 3 Driving Tips

Off Road Vehicles: 3 Driving Tips

We are going to try to give some basic notions of off-road vehicles driving that help us to have some knowledge when leaving the asphalt, so that the circulation by field is safer not only for us but also for our vehicle, because the success of a day of hunting depends a lot on the piece that we charge but also that we return home with the travel companions (car and dog) in perfect condition.

Off-Road Vehicles – The Trenches

Finding ditches is quite common. The key to passing is to have three wheels in contact with the ground . To do this we will enter the car as diagonally as possible to the ditch, and if it is very deep, do not hesitate to fill with stones or wood to eliminate depth.

The direction must go straight, otherwise we can spoil it. First or second reducer and, very slowly, attentive to the entrance of the car to avoid hitting; and also very attentive to the back.

Off-Road Vehicles – The Vadeos

As in the mud, the recognition of the terrain is essential to know its bed and if it has obstacles. A clear and flowing water indicates a firm bottom; and more stagnant and murky waters, muddy bottoms. It is necessary to enter with decision and at constant speed so as not to overcome the wave caused by the vehicle.

It is important to know the wading depth of the car so that water does not enter through the air intake of the vehicle. In case of getting stuck, the engine must not be stopped so that no water enters through the exhaust pipe. After wading it is necessary to brake repeatedly to clean the water that remains between the discs and the calipers so that they recover their capacity.

Off-Road Vehicles – Crest Step

In this situation, the wheelbase of the car is essential. The longer the more chances of getting stuck. It is very important to enter with some speed or inertia so that at the top the car is not bogged down and with the wheels in the air. It is normal that we notice a small jump when passing the front wheels through the highest part; you have to lift your foot from the accelerator at this time but you don’t have to brake

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Off Road Vehicles: 3 Driving Tips
Off Road Vehicles: 3 Driving Tips


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Off Road Vehicles: 3 Driving Tips
Off Road Vehicles: 3 Driving Tips


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