5 Tips For Off-Road Bike Trip That Nobody Tells You

5 Tips For Off-Road Bike Trip That Nobody Tells You

These are the most useful and least known tips for your next off-road Bike Trip. I will help you with your preparation by reviewing some important points.

The early spring will make you think about summer travel which could also be an off-road bike trip. Preparing a long trip goes well beyond the plane ticket or work-free days. It requires a long investigation not only of where to stay but of uses, customs, and peculiarities of the culture of the country that we are going to travel to. 
Thank God there is the internet. An inexhaustible source of information and full of people who share their experiences; Use your motivation to read like never before about everything related to the destination to try to cover your back to avoid any serious problem that could spoil your trip. The surprises are cool but only the pleasant ones, so investigate and get ready to go for an off-road bike ride.
Here I show you the most useful tips for your off-road bike ride.

5 Tips For Off-Road Bike Trip That Nobody Tells You
5 Tips For Off-Road Bike Trip That Nobody Tells You

Riding Your Own Bike Or Hiring One For Off-Road Bike Trip?

The farther you go, the cheaper it will be to rent a motorcycle at the destination to take your own, either by sending it or by moving on it. 

There are similar agreements in which it is agreed to stay somewhere, your wench goes by plane and you leave three days before with the motorcycle there. You stay somewhere and then your journey begins.

Send the bike there (even if you are looking for companies that provide this service, it’s always a lot).

  Renting a motorcycle at the destination. You can find affordable prices depending on the model (the least fashionable), the destination itself (rich countries, poor countries) and time (the cost usually falls after 14 days). 

 Roll with her: Calculate the average price of spending the night ( hostel or camping ) on the road, meals, petrol, wheel and other expenses (liquids, kilometers to the motorcycle, etc.). 

Rolling with her would be optimal and if possible by secondary schools, but for that 90% of us who have limited vacations this option is only valid if you take the highway and arrive as quickly as possible. 

If you have a handheld GPS that you plan to take on your trip, plan your route in Base Camp well or similar, download and install the new maps and plan days of no more than three hours a day if you do not want your partner and your ass to hate you. 

Another option is to rent a GPS at the destination. More comfortable but more expensive and less practical, since it can happen that you get along as well with him as I do with mine.

Off-Road Bike Trip With Your Own Bike

– It’s your motorcycle, you know its maintenance, reactions, strengths and weaknesses, fuel consumption, etc. 
– You have all the necessary and specific equipment as well as your tools and insurance. 
– People who see you will know that you are not from there (because of your registration) and where you come from, which will fill you with pride. 


  •  Loads of kilometers to the motorcycle, which, in view of the future sale of second hand will depreciate it. – All parts suffer normal wear and tear and must be pending (tires, oil, brakes, etc.).
  •  People will know that you are not from there, which can make you vulnerable in most cases.

Rented Motorcycle

– You will treat it harder than if it were yours (accelerations, suspensions, braking). 
– You’ll be less worried about her (some small scratch won’t hurt so much). 
– The expense in parts and components will not worry you in the future as well as the kilometers traveled. 
– You will try another motorcycle, which is always cool. 
– For your registration, you will pass by a local.

– You do not know its maintenance (brakes and tires as more important) as well as the properties of the motorcycle. 
– The price to pay first is high. 
– You do not have your own motorcycle equipment, you will have to rent luggage, helmets, over-tank, octopus, etc. 
– For your registration, you will go through a place, so you will not have the mercy that they could have if you were a tourist facing the use of the horn, for example. 
– You have to make sure how the insurance works, the motorcycle papers and if you can cross borders without problem with it.

Local Uses And Customs

5 Tips For Off-Road Bike Trip That Nobody Tells You
5 Tips For Off-Road Bike Trip That Nobody Tells You

In either case, it is important to recognize the terrain. Ok, once with that done, it is convenient to know the country as much as possible. How much does that country’s culture resemble your own? Apart from the currency, language, gastronomy, and others, there are things that concern us to motorists rather than the ordinary traveler: 
– The correct side of the road. 
– Regular use of motorcycles in the country. 
– Tolls (price in general and profitability). 
– Specific laws for motorcycles or for certain routes (such as Vignette, the sticker that identifies you as having paid for the use of highways in Switzerland or Slovenia). 
– Petrol prices. Even more important, how do you buy petrol? Till what time do the stations stay open? Do they accept cards? Is there anything else to know? 

Investigate online if the country you are going to have a trip to has a different policy from yours regarding petrol stations.

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